Our Philosophy, Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Philosophy

To provide a conducive environment that encourages children to become passionate and active life-long learners.

To provide opportunity for children to discover their strengths so as to develop their fullest potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Mission

To see the children develop into confident, self-assured, well rounded individuals with a strong desire to learn, realise their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

Our Vision

To nurture the children and provide them premium holistic education based on Christian values and equip them with essential life skills to face the future.

Our Core Values

Christian Values and Behaviour

We emphasize positive Christian values and behaviour which will shape a well balanced individual, ready for the future.

Academic Excellence

We embrace changes and adopt appropriate and innovative teaching approaches.
We believe in nurturing active learners by fostering children's curiosity, excitement and success in developing new skills and knowledge.

Positive Behaviour

We reinforce positive behaviour in our children as we believe that children flourish better with positive self-esteem.

Exemplary Character

We instill in children the importance of exemplary behaviour which promotes accountability to oneself and one's society.